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[GUIDE] Signatures and Avatar Rules and tips. Rob

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[GUIDE] Signatures and Avatar Rules and tips.

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[GUIDE] Signatures and Avatar Rules and tips. Empty [GUIDE] Signatures and Avatar Rules and tips.

Post by Matisyahu on Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:56 pm

To create an avatar or a signature, you need to take a screen shot! [GUIDE] Signatures and Avatar Rules and tips. Original
To do this on a Windows machine, you should just be able to hit the 'Prt Sc' button near the top right of your keyboard (some computers may require you to hit Shift Prt Sc, Ctrl Prt Sc, Alt Prt Sc or Fn Prt Sc). For Mac users: CMD Shift 4 and then drag over the area you wish to use. You can then open an image program (such as Paint or Photoshop) and press CTRL V to paste the image (alternatively click 'Edit', 'Paste'). Then you need to crop/resize your image so it fits in the required pixel sizes for this forum. And save your image so that the filesize also fits within the requirements (just a tip, saving as a '.gif' generally gives a reasonably small file size).

Avatar Guide.
1.) Go to profile on the navigation bar. Click there.
2.) Then click on the "Avatar" tab.
[GUIDE] Signatures and Avatar Rules and tips. 2119gl1
3.) You have 3 options: Upload an Avatar from your computer. Upload an Avatar from an URL (Enter the URL of the location containing the Avatar image, it will be copied to this site.) or Select your Avatar from our Gallery.

4.)Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width cannot exceed 150 pixels, the height cannot exceed 200 pixels, and the file size cannot be higher than 64 KB. The picture CAN be animated.

Signature Guide
To have a look at how your signature will appear before you save it (to ensure you are happy with it), scroll to the bottom of the signature page and click the button labelled 'Preview Signature'. This way you can see what your signature will look like, and do not need to make a thread to test this!

Please note that when you update your signature, your signature will automatically update for all of your past posts that included a signature! And when you update your avatar it will update for all of your previous posts (whether you had an avatar of not when posting them).

Edit your siggy here:

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