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Incredible Contest! : Win a fox and a Racoon Costume

Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:55 pm by Matisyahu

Welcome to the first contest!

This time is about: Pet Society.

Only you have to post a lot.
Next Sunday, the user with more posts will get the 2 CC Costumes!

Enjoy and post here in Social Games Buddies.

Cool Cool Cool Cool

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Playfish & EA: Madden NFL Superstars, New Game!

Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:08 pm by Matisyahu

Madden NFL Superstars, New Game!

Madden NFL Superstars, a Facebook card-and-management game anticipated for several months, went live to the public earlier today. The free-to-play game resembles June's FIFA Superstars in structure while borrowing elements from the popular Madden Ultimate Team of the console game.

In the game (accessible here), players assemble a team through acquiring packs of cards, which will be familiar to Ultimate Team players. Virtual currency for these cards is earned by playing and winning games or, of course, buy buying it through microtransactions in the game's store. Playfish Cash (the game's developer) is used; six different payment methods are used, with lot sizes varying among them. The basic cost is 20 cents a unit, and $5 is the smallest buy.

Madden NFL Superstars Launches on FacebookPlayers will advance in experience level, acquiring fans for their teams, and fixtures for their stadium, ultimately playing against NFL teams in a pro season. All of the 1,500 players in the game are real-life NFL players. Better ones are found in more expensive card packs, requiring plenty of playtime to acquire or, of course, a burst of cash.

If you want to chat about the game Click Here
If you want to play it click here.

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